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We Grow Winning Cultures

We have developed comprehensive training programs that are aimed at helping teams to embody and reflect the culture of the business and to pass that on to each and every guest, each and every day so that you know that things are being run as if you were there.

We Build Sustainable Systems

We believe in building Sustainable Systems. This means that, once implemented, the system should soundly run in the background and simply become a part of “how we do things here.”
With the help of our seasoned operations teams, your systems will increase the owner’s capacity to grow the business, enable employees to do their jobs easier and with more confidence, streamline operations for ease of workflow, save the company money through greater efficiency, reporting and transparency, protect the business through compliance with local and state regulations, and most importantly, improve the Guest experience.

We Create Profitable Operations

Profitability. At the end of the day, we want to know that all of the effort was worth it. At times it can feel like top line sales are slowing while costs continue to rise, making for a dreadful outlook on the future. As business owners, we have all been there!
At GP Hospitality Partners, we know that focusing on the right key areas can yield big results. We will help you to assess, plan and implement effective strategies for increased profitability and growth.


Our seasoned teams provide step by step systems analysis and implementation, project management and high quality deliverables.


Let us be your compass! As your personal, trusted advisors, GP Hospitality Partners will help you navigate tough waters, make sound decisions and build confidence as you grow your business.


Forget the flumy team building exercises. At GP Hospitality Partners, we help you implement real cultural comerstones that will have massive impact.


Are rising costs, staffing concerns and sluggish sales keeping you up at night? As an early stage restaurant owner, you have a lot on your plate. It can be tough to see a clear path to profitable growth when putting out fires and keeping the operation afloat consumes your time. Yes, it can feel exhausting. We know what it feels like, because we have been there too! But here's the good news: there is a solution and it's proven to work. You CAN have more free time AND grow your business.

Contact Us for a FREE, No Obligation Strategy Session and Begin Your Journey to Restaurant Success!

Case Studies

Click on each case study to see how GP Hospitality Partners has helped restaurant owners just like you to solve real problems and become more profitable.

Everbowl (National Franchise)

Challenge: Assist founder with scaling one unit into multi-unit operation regionally.

Approach: Install operational systems for scale. Implement hub and spoke model for production of goods across the fleet. Assist with creation of foundational collateral to support brand and culture development.

Results: Successfully scaled to 30 corporate stores. Ongoing advisory as brand has now reached over 250 franchise stores nationwide.

333 Pacific Oceanside, CA

Challenge: This restaurant has been successfully operating for over 12 years in a prominent location at the Oceanside Oceanfront. Sales have plateaued and growth opportunities needed to be explored and executed.

Approach: Work with hotel partner to develop a poolside and courtyard dining program, utilizing common space and leveraging mutual Guest relationship.

Replace several existing Team Members with those who can see and execute the vision.

Tighten systems of operation to ensure company standards of service are exceeded.

Results: Projected revenue growth 7-10% over previous year averages.

Draft Republic  San Marcos, CA

Challenge: New location struggling to acquire and retain top talent for Heart of House teams. In need of a new GM to support Director of Operations at store level. Need for alignment of labor costs with budgets goals.

Approach: Attract top talent using messaging that reflects the company’s incredible culture and core values.

Hire and train GM and key Heart of House personnel.

Work with management teams to improve scheduling forecasting and training Front of House teams to utilize efficiencies to bring labor costs in line.

Results: Acquired GM, Sous Chefs and line cooks to solidify the team.
Improved overall labor costs from 36% to 24%.

Flying Squirrel  Denton, TX

Challenge: Re-concept restaurant from a full service to quick service model. Provide infrastructure to ensure swift transition and position for future growth.

Approach: Work with owners to develop a menu built for quick service while maintaining high-end feel and ease of execution.
Assess equipment needs and advise on flow of execution from POS to kitchen line.
Supply all necessary documentation for HR, training guides, recipe guides, manuals and best practices.

Attract and hire right fit talent for all positions with heavy emphasis on cross-training to maximize efficiency

Result: Successful opening with profitability forecasted in month one.

Yellow Carrot  Durango, CO

Challenge: Bring consistent profitability to existing restaurant/bakery and position for future planned growth.

Approach: Attract and hire Executive Chef to execute vision of the founder, allowing her to focus on higher level activities.

Install back-end systems and train management to execute to ensure optimum KPI’s.

Result: Achieved profitability within 90 days and projecting average 10% growth month over month.

OGGI’s San Diego, CA

Challenge: Bring one location to profitability (losing over $30K per month) and align teams across two franchise locations.

Approach: Attract and hire Regional Manager to stabilize and unify the operation. Install much needed systems and processes with goal of reducing costs and increasing sales and profitability.
Implement new marketing and collaborative efforts to boost sales and brand awareness.

Result: Brought failing location to profitability in just under 5 months with anticipated margin projected at 10-15% profit. Second location sales growth tracking at 15-20%.


Culture Cafe Escondido, CA

Challenge: Small café located inside a Lexus dealership and events facility struggling with sales volume.

Approach: Create strategic partnership with the dealer and vendors in the building to build brand awareness and sales opportunities. Create a white label coffee brand to be distributed to all new car buyers, paid for by dealership. Launch new events catering program for events occurring in the building in partnership with top floor restaurant and catering partners.

Results: Increased revenue by 50-60%.




Are you a restaurant owner who desires to grow and/or scale your business but has struggled to achieve the results you once dreamed of? Are you experiencing hardship in finding ways to bring in more Guests and increase profitability? Are you unsure how to easily implement programs, systems and promotions that yield results? Do you just need some perspective and insight from someone who has been through the trenches to help you get up and running more quickly?
If any of these situations remotely apply to you, I will encourage you to take a short time to read this book.

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The GP Hospitality Partners Family brings decades of combined experience, covering every aspect of restaurant growth from initial concept to growth and scale. Our strength is in our partnerships, and as a client, you have access to some of the most successful professionals in the industry. Our restaurant clients are profitable in an average of 3 months from opening. Shorten the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes by allowing our team of seasoned restaurant operators to help drive sales, reduce costs, position for scale and create more free time for you.


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